Top 10 greatest judo players of all time

Judo is a Japanese martial art, a fight with bare hands and an Olympic sport to practice. He was born in Japan in 1882. The sport has really spread across the world. It is mainly used in competitive tournaments. It was a modern form of jiu-jitsu (martial art). This led to the development of many other martial arts in other countries.

Judo is all about defending and attacking the opponent. The main objective of the player is to apply pressure on the arms, joints and neck of the opponent in order to make him lose. The person who learns judo is called a judoka and this makes the uniform name of judoka.

Top 10 of the greatest judokas:

Judo tends to be a martial art. He started playing in the Olympics too. A somatotype person is needed to play this game. The person must have high musculature, low fat and high power. The game is known for its spectacular throwing techniques.

The article contains information about the strongest and toughest athletes who gained fame and name thanks to their incredible records. The list contains the top 10 judo players in the world. They are Hitoshi Saito, Wim Ruska, David Douillet, Teddy Riner, Ilias Iliadis, Masato Uchishiba, Anton Geesink, Tadahiro Nomura, Yasuhiro Yamashita and Kano Jigoro. So let’s discuss it in detail-

10. Hitoshi Saito:

Hitoshi Saito is a former Japanese artist. He was the coach of the Japanese judo team at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He received two gold medals at the Olympics. He won the gold medal in the world judo championship in 1983. He won various gold medals in different divisions like the heavyweight division or the openweight division.

His retirement made him the instructor of the Japan Judo Federation and Kokushikhan University. he received the Order of Rising Sun award in 2015.


9.Wim Ruska:

A Dutch legend named Willem Ruska (Wim Ruska for short) is a former judo artist. He is one of the most dominant judo players in the world. He won two gold medals at the 1972 Judo Olympics. He won five European titles in the 93 kg category. He won the judo championship in 1967 and 1971. He was inducted into the International Judo Federation Hall of Fame in 2013. He is ninth on our list.


8. David Douillet:

David Douillet is a retired judoka. It belongs to French. He is also a political activist. He is one of the most decorated players among other players in all history. He won the Olympic gold medal at the Atlanta Games in 1996. He played for the heavyweight division. He won 4 league titles and a European title in his career.

He was a member of the State Secretariat for French Nationals Abroad in 2011. He was also appointed Minister of Sports in 2011.


7. Teddy Rinner:

His full name was Teddy Pierre-Marie Riner. He was a French judo martial artist. He received seven championship gold medals. He obtained two European titles in the junior and senior divisions in 2006 and 2007. He received four gold medals at the European championship and one gold medal at the Olympic championship.

He was the youngest champion of the Rio de Janerio championship. He was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 2013.


6. Ilias Iliadis:

He is a Greek judo martial artist born in Georgia. He was a tough player since childhood. For the half-middleweight divisions, he received gold medals in 2004. He received the judo championship in Tokyo in the 90 kg category. He became the title holder of the judo championship in 2011.

He became a young player again. He also won the world championship in Russia. He occupies the sixth position on the list.


5. Masato Uchishiba:

He was a Japanese player. He played so well that he started coaching courses at Kyushu University of Nursing and there he teaches the women’s club. But he was suspended from his job for sexual harassment in 2011.

He won two Olympic gold medals. He won the gold medal at the Olympics in the 66 kg category. He’s played in all divisions and he’s a good player. This puts him in fifth position on the list.


4. Anton Geesink:

Anton Geesink’s full name was Antonius Johannes “Anton” Geesink. He was a Dutch judo martial artist. He has twice won the world championships. He received 21 European titles in his entire career. He was a 10-Dan judo artist. He received his first title in 1952. Summer Olympics was a very good time for him as his fans were very happy to see him defeat his opponent. He died in 2010.


3. Tadahiro Nomura:

Tadahiro Nomura is a Japanese player. He is a very successful and famous judo player in the world. He won three consecutive Olympic gold medals during his active career. He has won most tournaments in the extra-lightweight division. He won his first gold medal in 1996.

He obtained the title of world champion in judo in 1997. He also participated in the Athens Olympics in 2004. He is the best judo player in the 60 kg category.


2. Yasuhiro Yamashita:

Yasuhiro Yamashita is a Japanese judo martial artist. He is an instructor at the International Judo Federation. He is a member of various reputable societies including Japan Judo Federation and Tokai University. He won 203 victories between 1977 and 1985. He received the Olympic title in 1977 making him the youngest judo player among others.

He has won 79 world championships. He was awarded the Japanese National Honor Award in 1984. This puts him second on this list.


1. Kano Jigoro:

Kano Jigoro is the founder of judo considered by many of his fans. He is a Japanese martial artist. He introduced the black and white belt system in judo. The International Olympic Committee considers him the first Asian member of its club. He is the best judo player in the world.

He received various medals and titles during his active career. He has the most fan base of any martial artist. He occupies the first position in the list of the greatest judo players in the world.


Judo is a very popular self-defense game designed for people. This legend tells us about the glory of the game and how they achieved it. It is certainly commendable to know!