Yesterday, the double Olympic champion, Lukas KRALEK was present at the European Junior Judo Championships in Prague, rewarding the medalists and congratulating the Czech medalist, Adam KOPECKY.

The great success and growth of the sport in the Czech Republic has caught the attention of their National Olympic Committee and today we had the honor of speaking to their President, Mr. Jiri KEJVAL.

I came here to see the European Junior Judo Championships, judo is getting more and more popular in the Czech Republic because of the double Olympic champion and now we have a lot of young athletes and juniors. Yesterday we had a fantastic result here and I want to be here to see what young talents we have, the future stars of the Paris and Los Angeles Olympic Games.

EJU President László TOTH and Czech Olympic Committee President Jiri KEJVAL. © Gabi Juan

Anton SIEKEL, President of the Slovak Olympic Committee was also invited to attend these championships and was happy to be welcomed after a successful EYOF event this summer.

We have a very close relationship and for years. I really feel at home here, but especially during this event. As usual, the Czech federation prepared an event at the highest level, so I’m not surprised to see how happy the athletes and the delegations are. It is not only a good presentation for their judo federation but for the whole Olympic family.

We saw many athletes competing this week who were also present at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Slovakia.

We recently hosted the EYOF in Slovakia and I think it’s so important for these athletes to have that experience in multi-sport events, now they can have another opportunity to show how prepared they are for having reached another level, in these European and world championships.

Author: Thea Cowen

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