October Backup Workshops – British Judo

At British Judo we want to continue to highlight ways to keep your child safe in sport, for example by taking part in workshops or taking online training on protection.

This month we are hosting two workshops on protection at the National Olympic and Paralympic Training Centre.

UK Coaching – Child Safeguarding and Protection Workshop: Sunday 23rd October

The interactive workshop gives you the knowledge and ability to:

  • identify and recognize good coaching practices and the implications for your coaching
  • explore your values ​​and feelings about child abuse and recognize their potential impact on your response
  • recognize and respond to possible signs of child abuse
  • take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise.

The workshop was developed in partnership with the NSPCC and CPSU and includes scenarios giving you the opportunity to learn through discussion. You will have the opportunity to explore the consequences of decisions in a safe and supportive environment, helping to increase your confidence and understanding in this area.

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NSPCC – Time to Listen Workshop (Club Wellness Officers): Sunday 23rd October

This workshop is designed for club wellness leaders. Participants are strongly recommended to first complete the UK Coaching Child Safeguarding and Protection workshop.
Are you new to the role of wellness worker or has it been three years since you attended a Time to Listen workshop?

The 3 hour workshop covers the following and learners will be able to:

  • Describe how a club wellness officer works with others to create a child-centered environment.
  • Explain how the role of the club welfare officer fits into the larger safeguarding environment.
  • Apply learning to case studies, including sharing good safeguarding practices.

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