Mu Ippon! Anime announces collaboration with Japan Judo Federation

The animated adaptation of Yuu Muraokathe judo manga Mu Ippon! doesn’t debut until next year, but collaborations are already underway to build hype for the upcoming series. Naturally, the show is associated with the Japan Judo Federation first of all!

The collaboration is celebrated with a new piece of artwork, featuring series protagonist Michi Sonoda with a Japan national team logo emblazoned on her uniform:

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The poster mentions both the anime’s premiere and the upcoming one Tokyo Grand Slam 2022which will be held December 3-4. Mu Ippon!-related guests will participate in match commentary, and visitors to the show’s booth at the venue will be able to view life-size characters and collaborative artwork.

In addition, we will be entitled to a video of the voice actress Ayasa Ito (Michi) with the Olympic gold medalist Uta Abe. A 30-second trailer was released before the full video:

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Mu Ippon! (also known as IPPON again!) follows friends Michi and Sanae as, rather than quitting judo after their last college championship, they choose to continue in high school. The series will be produced under Tatsunoko Pro’s Bakken record label, and is set to debut in January 2023.

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© Yuu Muraoka (Akita Shoten) / Mou Ippon! production committee


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