Judo: Brazil and France won half of the gold medal on the second day

The second day of the 2022 IBSA World Judo Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan ended with the individual competitions for the men’s and women’s heavyweight categories.

Brazil and France, each with two world champions, took half the gold from the pot which was set aside for the final day.

In the first final, J1 -70 kg women, the Mongolian Turuunaa Lkhaijav was beaten by the Turkish Esmer Taskin by ippon.

#Accessibility – Frenchman Cyril Jonard greets Briton Daniel Power after his victory in the J1 category -90kg men

The next gold medal match brought down a well-known family judoka: 46-year-old blind and deaf Frenchman Cyril Jonard won the world title in the J1 -90kg category against Britain’s Daniel Powell. It was one of the most emotional moments of the competition. Before the end of the fight but after the ippon, Cyril just jumped over the tatami as if it were a swimming pool, in a first celebration of the exploit. In the same category, the two bronze medals were Brazilian.

Brazilian Alana Maldonado (J2 -70kg), world champion and Paralympic, suffered to get the better of Turkey’s Raziye Ulucam. It was only three minutes and 10 seconds into the golden score period that brought the ippon, which confirmed his second consecutive world title. Alana’s judo was amazing, and she has high hopes for Paris 2024.

#Accessibility – Brazilian Paralympic and two-time world champion Alana Maldonado comes out of the tatami with her hands in the air and both with the sign of victory, celebrating the new title

Helios Latchoumanaya of France was the next known world champion. The final was against Georgian Zviad Gogotchuri, and it was the second time the Heydar Aliyev Arena had heard “La Marseillaise”, the French national anthem.

#Accessibility – Brazilian Wilians Araújo knocks down Azeri Ilham Zakiyev on his way to the world title

The victory of the Brazilian Wilians Araújo was also very emotional. He fought against Ilham Zakiyev of Azerbaijan – at home – and there were tears at the end of all missions. In fact, there was a simple reason for the “samba” in the room: the world championship in Baku is the best para judo competition ever organized in terms of results. See the list of medals: two gold medals, two silver medals and six bronze medals. No other country, among the 41 participants in the tournament, has done better.

A surprise also arrived from the Italian team. After Dong Dong Camanni won the bronze medal in the J1 -73 kg category on Day 1, Matilde Lauria earned another bronze medal in the J1 -70 kg category and Carolina Costa got the better of Cuba’s Sheyla Hernandez on Day 1. of the J2 -70 kg final by winning gold.

The last final was a fight between two Iranians, so gold always went to Tehran anyway. Vahid Nouri emerged victorious ahead of his compatriot Mohammadreza Kheirollahzadeh.

Check out today’s results:

D1 -90kg
1st – Cyril Jonard (FRA)
2nd – Daniel Powell (GBR)
3rd – Arthur da Silva (BRA)
3rd – Antonio Silva (BRA)

#Accessibility – Podium for the J1 category -90kg men with (from left to right): Daniel Powell (GBR), Cyril Jonard (FRA), Arthur da Silva (BRA), and António Silva (BRA)

D1 +90kg
1st – Wilians Araújo (BRA)
2nd – Ilham Zakiev (AZE)
3rd – Jason Grandry (FRA)
3rd – Onur Tastan (TUR)

#Accessibility – J1 podium +90kg men’s category with (from left to right): Ilham Zakiyev (AZE), Wilians Araújo (BRA), Jason Grandry (FRA), and Onur Tastan (TUR)

D2 -90kg
1st – Helios Latchoumanaya (FRA)
2nd – Zviad Gogotchuri (GEO)
3rd – Zhanbota Amanzhol (KAZ)
3rd – Oleksandr Nazarenko (UKR)

#Accessibility – Men’s J2 -90kg category podium with (from left to right): Zviad Gogotchuri (GEO), Helios Latchoumanaya (FRA), Oleksandr Nazarenko (UKR), and Zhanbota Amanzhol (KAZ),

D2 +90kg
1st – Vahid Nouri (IRI)
2nd – Mohammadreza Kheirollahzadeh (IRI)
3rd – Ibrahim Bolukbasi (TUR)
3rd – Aloviddin Jurakulov (UZB)

#Accessibility – Podium for the J2 category +90kg men with (from left to right): Mohammadreza Kheirollahzadeh (IRI), Vahid Nouri (IRI), Ibrahim Bolukbasi (TUR), and Aloviddin Jurakulov (UZB)

D1 -70kg
1st – Esmer Taskin (TUR)
2nd – Turuunaa Lkhaijav (MGL)
3rd – Matilde Lauria (ITA)
3rd – Brenda Freitas (BRA)

#Accessibility – Women’s J1 -70kg category podium with (from left to right): Turuunaa Lkhaijav (MGL), Esmer Taskin (TUR), Brenda Freitas (BRA), and Matilde Lauria (ITA)

D1 +70kg
1st – Anastasia Harnyk (UKR)
2nd – Erika Zoaga (BRA)
3rd – Nazan Gunes (TUR)
3rd – Danitza Sanabria (VEN)

#Accessibility – Women’s J1 +70kg category podium with (from left to right): Erika Zoaga (BRA), Anastasiia Harnyk (UKR), Danitza Sanabria (VEN) and Nazan Gunes (TUR)

D2 -70kg
1st – Alana Maldonado (BRA)
2nd – Raziye Ulucam (TUR)
3rd – Khanim Huseinova (AZE)
3rd – Ina Kaldani (GEO)

#Accessibility – Podium J2 -70kg female category with (from left to right): Raziye Ulucam (TUR), Alana Maldonado (BRA), Khanim Huseinova (AZE), Ina Kaldani (GEO)

D2 +70kg
1st – Caroline Costa (ITA)
2nd – Sheyla Hernandez (FRI)
3rd – Meg Emmerich (BRA)
3rd – Rebeca Silva (BRA)

#Accessibility – Women’s J2 +70kg category podium with (from left to right): Sheyla Hernandez (VEN), Carolina Costa (ITA), Meg Emmerich (BRA), and Rebeca Silva (BRA)

The World Championships end this Thursday, with the men’s and women’s team competition starting at 7:00 a.m. CET (10:00 a.m. local time). Follow all the action live on the IBSA YouTube channel.