‘Exploding Judo’ turns throws into deadly finishes

explosive judo wants you to focus on your throws on a mine laden battlefield. Whoever gets thrown first gets blasted in this tense contest.

A strange extreme sport has become popular in 2067: judo, but with powerful explosives. The whole field is filled with mines, so the first person to get thrown into it will have a tough day. As such, the winners tend to gain immense popularity around the world. Losers… well… die. So whatever you do, don’t get caught in a throw. Which you need to do while getting close enough to land yours. Tricky stuff.

This fighting game will see you working a lot on footwork and positioning. Also, since both players know they’re both arguing, it changes the dynamic of the fight. Every little step or breathy move has so much deeper meaning when you know both players are trying to get close enough to grab. This turns each match into a frantic series of dodge rolls, hesitant steps, and repositioning moves. Not that you can ONLY throw, as you also have access to super moves like lasers, counterattacks, and invincible grabs to add some spice to things. If someone is just looking for a catch, it’s nice to be able to surprise them a bit.

explosive judo is quite tense, even at this early stage. I thought it might be simple since both players want that hold, but when everyone’s rolling, dashing, and dashing, it makes for some dizzying fights. Especially since the slightest mistake has fatal consequences. It adds a lot of pressure knowing that one mistake can be the end of you (not that you don’t see it from high level players in other fighters), and makes every second playing this fighter worth it. interesting all the more compelling. I’m very excited to see it come together.

Exploding Judo is currently in development, but in the meantime you can grab a playable version from itch.io.