Chloë Grace Moretz shows off her judo skills by flipping a stunned Jimmy Fallon over her shoulder on ‘The Tonight Show’

Chloë Grace Moretz just proved that women really can do better – and in heels. During Monday night’s (November 14) episode of The show tonight the actress showed off her judo skills as she flipped host Jimmy Fallon completely over her shoulder.

While discussing his new Prime Video series The ringroad, Moretz – who started doing martial arts at the age of 11 for the action comedy film Kick ass – talked about the training that followed his new show, which Fallon says has “a lot of action footage.” She revealed that her stunt coordinator, who also happens to be a master judo champion, wanted her to return to the sport.

“I was super depressed because that means I can throw 160-180 pound men just, like, over my shoulder,” she explained. “And just fly them, which sounds like so much fun.”

Photo: BNC

When Fallon told her guest, “Thank God you don’t do it to me,” Moretz said she “proposed.” The talk show host took a long pause where he clearly contemplated what was to come before asking, “Am I going to get hurt?”

When he finally gave in, he let the Carrie star knocked him over his shoulder and onto the couch in a stunt they both said was completely unheard of. Moretz pulled it off perfectly, while dressed in a sequin blazer, leather pants and heels.

“I’m too old! I’m too old to be dumped,” Fallon told the audience as she got up from the couch, as Moretz fell to the floor laughing. Later, the actress reiterated the duo’s lack of practice for the stunt on Twitter when she wrote“Hahahahah that was TOO good, and really we didn’t rehearse it,” along with a post from the video.

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